Friday, October 22, 2010

My Indecisive Blog

I was doing research last night about how to improve my blog, and be more a part of the blogging community. What I read made me stop and ponder. It left me with more questions than answers. It seems that I have been sitting on the sidelines and I need to refocus and and be more proactive to create the online community that I am looking for. I need to ask myself a few questions.

Why am I doing this?
There are many different reasons to have a blog, and each reason will create a different end product. When I started, I just wanted to have a place to post recipes. I also was looking for accountability. I have so many goals for everything. I was unfocused, and going nowhere, and I thought writing about them and making them public would give me more motivation to accomplish them. I realize that I am still unfocused in my blog. How do I define a focus when I have so many things I am interested in? Right now those things are healthy eating, saving money while being healthy, nutrition education, improving cooking skills, creating recipes, living simply and sustainably, fitness, and cultivating wellness in all areas of life. This brings me to my second question.

What makes me different?
There are so many blogs out there. There are countless healthy eating, living simply, organic, sustainable, money saving, and cooking blogs out there. What do I have to say that is different from everyone else? What I read last night said that once you figure out how you are unique, be consistent in your uniqueness. Nobody wants to follow someone who doesn't know where they are going. I know I have been really random in my writing style, and what I write about.

How am I marketing myself?
I also realize that I haven't been putting my name out there. I am one of those that read a bunch of other blogs but never comment. I think my first strategy is to comment more and be more friendly. I really do want to make friends with other bloggers, and being the one to initiate definitely helps :).

I want to hear from you. For those of you that read my blog, what are your thoughts? What do you want to read about? How can I improve my focus and my writing? What have you enjoyed and would like to see more of?

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