Sunday, January 19, 2014

Detox Day 11, 12, and 13

Happy Sunday everyone! I don't really have an excuse for not posting for the last 3 days, except that I have been busy. You know, same old same old. Everybody's always busy all the time :). No worries. I still have some pictures and I will catch you up on the the highlights of the last 3 days and celebrate that today is the last day. Chris is very excited for coffee and biscuits with strawberry jam tomorrow morning!

So, when was my last post? Oh yeah, Wednesday. Let me catch you up!

Thursday morning we ate a grapefruit and another omelet with salsa. 

For lunch we ate the last of the roasted carrots. 

We also ate the last of the chicken, carrot brown rice with peanuts and coconut. 

For dinner I made sloppy joes with a carrot added for sweetness instead of honey/brown sugar. I served it with oven roasted potatoes and okra. It was dehydrated okra and it didn't hydrate very well and tasted... well... not good. Kind of like I was eating wood. I think I totally messed it up. I let it soak for 30 minutes and that wasn't working so I put it in a pan with the water and let it simmer for another 20 minutes and that still didn't work. So, I don't know. I will try again some other time when are kitchen isn't freezing and I am not in a rush to get dinner on the table as quick as possible. The potatoes and sloppy joes were great though. 

Friday morning we had an omelet with salsa verde and an orange. 

I went from school to work and ate my lunch in the car. I had packed peanut butter and carrot sticks and some brown rice and leftover sloppy joe mixture. 

I had to go to a second job on Friday and ate my dinner in the car as well (after I got to work, I don't eat and drive!). I had brown rice, chicken, and peas as well as some peanuts and flaked coconut. I got home from work at 9:30 on Friday night and I was really hungry. So, I heated up some green beans to eat as a snack. Then I took a shower and went to bed. Hence, why I didn't post on Friday.

Saturday morning Chris and I got to sleep in together. It was lovely. I made a pseudo crepe out of oatmeal/millet flour, 1 egg, and milk to make it pourable consistency. Then I made a egg/kale scramble and topped it with salsa verde. We ate this with a grapefruit. It was delicious! Chris said it was okay. He thought it would be better with cheese. 

For lunch yesterday I cooked up some brown rice noodles and made a sauce out of wilted greens, sautéed onions, leftover chopped chicken, tomato paste, and goat cheese. We both really enjoyed this. 

For dinner last night we went to my parents house for dinner and had salad, roasted potatoes, gluten free biscuits, and chicken with berries for dessert. It was great to see everyone and we both enjoyed the fellowship and food!

This morning for breakfast we ate another crepe with greens and eggs. 

I have really enjoyed the last two weeks. Realistically the way I cooked during the detox is similar to how I cook on a regular basis. We just cut out all the extra junk and added in lots more vegetables and healthy fats.  As far as feeling different, I have noticed an improvement in digestion and I feel less bloated and heavy which is a big benefit! Chris said he hasn't felt different, but I am curious to see how he feels after he starts to eat all of his 'normal' food such as sweets, chips, coffee, dairy, etc... Even though we didn't notice a big difference, I think it has been beneficial to focus purely on good, nutritious homemade food and to reset our 'sweet' tastebuds. As far as I know, this is the first time Chris has gone this long without sugar. I am hoping that as we transition back, we can be happy with less sweetness and fewer desserts. I truly feel my best when I am eating lots of veggies and minimizing the sweets.

I also really enjoyed this experience for the opportunity to try new things. I didn't get around to trying out all the recipes I had planned, but we still tried new things and I think Chris is more open to the possibility of packing veggies and peanuts with his sandwich as an alternative to the chips and cookies with his lunch. You know, baby steps. I also proved to myself that it is possible and totally doable to eat healthy in spite of busy schedules and little time to cook.

I promise to check back soon and let you know if we feel differently as we transition back to eating some of our 'normal' food and sweets. I have a nagging suspicion that I am overly sensitive to the caffeine in coffee and should keep it out of my diet permanently. But, we will see. 

Did any of you do the detox with me? How was your experience? 

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