Thursday, January 9, 2014

Detox Day 3 & 4

Hey guys! Sorry I didn't post yesterday. It was a long day and by the time I got home from school, made dinner, cleaned up the kitchen and worked in the office looking for paperwork I was ready to fall into bed. Of course we have continued to eat and I will show you the pictures I took from yesterday's and today's meals :). 

Yesterday morning we both ate a serving of oatmeal (cooked with water/coconut milk, cinnamon, salt, coconut oil), a half an orange, and an omelette with sweet potato, kale and onion. It was delicious!

Today for breakfast, I made plantain pancakes (1 plantain blended with 3 eggs, salt and cinnamon) topped with peanut butter. Chris ate his with veggies and half an orange. 

I ate my plantain pancakes with a half an orange and a cup of soup. I took the roasted veggies we didn't like from two days ago and cooked it in some chicken broth and greens and pureed everything together. It is really good and the mug keeps it warm while I eat :). 

Yesterday I got to eat my lunch in front of a window at school. I enjoyed the bright sunny day and people watching.

I had steamed cabbage (seasoned with garlic oil and salt). 

I also had a tupperware of brown rice, peas, chicken, olive oil, salt and pepper. Unfortunately even by lunch time my peas were still frozen and it was really cold. I choked down the meal but I admit it is much better warmed up :). I also had the usual peanuts and coconut as a snack later on in the day.

Today, I used leftover steamed broccoli and green beans from dinner last night and put it with brown rice and chicken, olive oil and spices. I had access to a microwave at work to warm it up and it was much better than yesterday :)! We had peas as our side vegetable, and the usual peanuts and coconut. 

Yesterday for dinner I made baked salmon topped with cajun seasoning, with steamed broccoli and green beans (topped with tallow, salt and pepper). 

Tonight I made spaghetti sauce, with gluten free brown rice noodles and steamed green beans. 
We were both really hungry at dinner so we ate 2 bowls of spaghetti and green beans. Chris was still hungry after that so he ate an apple and peanut butter. 

Things are going well. Trying to do a detox where I have to cook everything from scratch, while starting a new semester at school where I am taking 16 credit hours, trying to buy a house and working a lot is proving more difficult than I thought :). I find myself falling into bed exhausted by 10PM. But, I love how I feel when I eat like this and Chris has been a champ! I am really glad we are doing this! I am also glad it is almost the weekend, and I look forward to having more time for cooking and taking a break from brown rice/chicken lunches :). 

Thanks for reading!

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