Sunday, January 12, 2014

Detox Day 6 and 7

Hey everyone! I only thought I was going to have lots of time this weekend to cook. It ended up being really busy, and I didn't even take any pictures yesterday. Sorry! 

I will give you the quick run-down for yesterday's eats. We ate our usual orange, oatmeal and soup for breakfast. We ate leftovers for lunch and went over to a friends house for dinner. They served baked chicken, sweet potato, asparagus and kale. It was absolutely delicious and we had a lovely time!

Today, I did a much better job of taking pictures. 

We ate grapefruit instead of oranges for breakfast this morning. My Mom ate her grapefruit like this and taught me how to peel them. Now I love eating it this way too! With a small paring knife you cut the rind off of the grapefruit. Then you cut into each segment with the knife and scrape out all the flesh.  There is very little waste with this method as long as you cut as close as you can to the peel. 

It was really yummy! 

We had to be at church early this morning for rehearsal so we packed our oatmeal to-go. 

We got back at 12:30 and ate leftover steamed cabbage and spaghetti sauce with goat cheese for lunch. Chris even said it was good. Of course he firmly believes that noodles are better than cabbage for eating spaghetti but I am really proud of him for having an open mind! We each had two bowls. 

After eating I made preparations for packed lunches this week. I roasted another whole chicken and cut off the meat. I chopped up the meat, and put the chicken bones into the crockpot with water and apple cider vinegar to cook all night into delicious chicken broth.

Chris enjoyed the sweet potato/kale/onion mixture in his omelets this week, so I made it again except used white potatoes instead of sweet potatoes for variety. Cooking them on low in the dutch oven works really well! I chopped the onions and potatoes and put a little chicken broth in the bottom of the pot and put them on low heat with the lid on. I stirred it every 20 minutes and 1 hour later I added in the greens to wilt. Then I added in spices and it was done. Easy peasy.

I also made a chicken, carrot ginger brown rice salad for our lunches. I shredded several carrots, 2 onions, ginger and sautéed them until soft. Separately, I cooked brown rice and added the pan drippings from the roast chicken into the cooking water (it makes the rice SO flavorful!). Once the rice was done I added it to the veggies, along with frozen peas, chicken, chopped cilantro, soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar, lime juice, pepper flakes and salt. 

I think it turned out really good and I look forward to eating it for lunch the next couple of days. 

To go with our lunches I also made roasted carrots. I cut up 7 carrots and roasted them at 350 degrees until soft and seasoned them with salt, garlic and cayenne pepper. 

It is nice to have a fridge full of prepared food for the week. I know it will be crazy! Due to some misunderstanding and miscommunication I had to withdraw from two classes on Thursday last week and register for 2 new classes on Friday. So, tomorrow I will be in two new classes where I have already missed the first week of lectures. In one of my other classes I already have a test that is tomorrow morning as well. I am also cleaning 5 houses next week. Admittedly I am looking at this week really overwhelmed. But at least I will be eating well :)!! That will make everything else more manageable for me. This is a season of my life where I really can't afford to not eat well. If you know what I mean :).

I appreciate all my readers and I hope you are able to enjoy the rest of this lovely weekend! We are headed to small group (they are making soup and I can't wait!) and I will check back in tomorrow. 

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