Friday, January 10, 2014

Detox Day 5 (Chris has started negotiations)

Hey everyone! We are finished with day 5 of our detox. I can't believe it has already been 5 days. I think things are going extremely well considering how busy and stressful our week has been. It is funny because Chris has started trying to negotiate stopping earlier or giving me the many reasons why we should make cookies. I think he is regretting the moment he said he would do this with me. But, it is too late now and he has already committed. *cue evil laugh. For now we are sticking to the plan and will be done next Sunday. 

He also gives me many reasons to laugh when he tells me all the things he wants to eat as soon as he is done with the detox. Such as going to go to the Mexican restaurant to order the biggest bowl of cheese dip and chips he can buy, along with eating a whole pan of biscuits, and lots of cookies. I guess we will see about that. I keep telling him the purpose of this detox is to retrain our minds and tastebuds to appreciate and crave healthy foods instead of unhealthy foods. haha If not, at least we ate A LOT of vegetables for two weeks. That should count for something, right? 

Now I will show you what we ate today!

I had a whole orange and a cup of soup (same from yesterday) that I drank on the way to school. I added some chicken broth so it would be drinkable consistency. 

Chris made himself breakfast after I left for school and ate the rest of the kale/sweet potato mixture with 2 eggs and a whole orange. 

For lunch we had the usual brown rice, peas and chicken. I packed carrot sticks and peanuts and coconut for a snack. 

I have gotten into the bad habit of letting dishes pile up for a day or two before I wash them. 

Much better! Though I admit I am also bad about putting dishes away. I normally let them air dry and then empty the sink only when I have to to put more dishes in to dry. I guess how I do (or don't do dishes) shows my procrastinating side. 

At any rate, after cleaning the kitchen I made another mess making dinner. It was so worth the dirty dishes! We had skillet roasted okra, roasted sweet potatoes and spicy chicken and onions. 

You can find my recipe for pan roasted okra here. Chris and I both LOVE okra and it is always the first thing gone from both our plates. Chris will even steal okra from my plate when he has finished his. Not bad for a vegetable :).

For the roasted sweet potatoes I either dice them up or slice them into 'fries'. Then I put them into a pan with coconut oil. I season them with salt, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper. I bake at 350 degrees until the potatoes are soft, then I turn up the toaster oven to 450 and let them get browned and a little crispy around the edges. This is how I always do my sweet potato fries and they turn out fabulous every time. 

The chicken was a complete experiment, and we both really loved it. Chris loves buffalo chicken dip and I was trying to recreate something similar so he would stop thinking about the gallons of cheese dip he wants to eat. I roasted another chicken last night so we would have more for lunches. So, I pulled some chicken off of the roast (about 8 oz) and chopped it up. Then I took 2 tablespoons of my habanero hot sauce, a chunk of goat cheese, and 1/3 cup salsa and added everything together into a pan and heated over low heat. Then I sliced a whole onion and let it cook down and caramelize in a different pan before adding it to the chicken mixture. Then I mixed the chicken mixture and onion together and added salt to taste. 

Now my sink is full of dirty dishes but in return we have full bellies and we are headed to bed. 

Happy dreams!

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