Saturday, September 18, 2010


I told you about how I went apple picking with my family. I have been faithfully eating through the apples, but not fast enough, and I decided to make applesauce with the ones that were starting to go bad. I really didn't know how easy it is to make, and I will be making it often from now on. I made a relatively small batch this time, but I will make a bigger batch next time and try my hand at canning. My amazing sister-in-law has just canned a bunch of her own applesauce and says it is super easy.

I started with a pan full of apples.

2 hours later I had a pan full of sliced and cored apples. haha Yes, there are too many in the pan and I had to move them to a bigger one.

I added honey, spices, and a little water and let it cook down until the apples were soft. Then I mashed it all up. After it cooled for an hour or two I put it in jars. I used about 24 apples, some were small and some were medium, and it made 2 small jars and 2 big jars of applesauce. It tastes SO good. I used to think applesauce was gross, but I could eat it all the time now. I can't wait to put it on oatmeal, on my pancakes, in cookies, and enjoying a bowl just by itself. 

You know, all this talk about applesauce, I think I need to go grab a few big spoonfuls and bask in my saucy success :).

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