Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's cooking?

Yesterday was the big day. I told my friends and family about my blog. haha For some reason I was nervous about it. But they have all been so encouraging and supportive which gave me even more motivation to keep going. Thank you all for your kind words. I appreciate them more than you know!

Even though I haven't blogged much in the last month it doesn't mean I haven't been cooking. Here are pictures of some things I have made. Like I've talked about before, most of them were precipitated by things that needed to be used up. I think it is a great challenge, and the more things I can use up and make a meal of that I don't have to throw out, the more victorious I feel!

Thai green curry Sauce with chicken and veggies of over quinoa
Garden fresh tomato soup w/ roasted okra croutons on the side

Baked wild rice, fresh pea, and goat cheese zucchini boat

Twice baked potatoes with chicken, spinach and goat cheese

Quinoa, corn, and black bean salad with lime and cilantro

Those are some of the things that I have been up to, but unfortunately I have no recipes. I am trying to get better at writing down what I put into the recipes I create. Hopefully, one of these pictures will give you the inspiration to look in your refrigerator and create something of your own.

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