Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mission #2 Repaint Kitchen - Complete

I finally got the supplies and painted the kitchen yesterday.

I did come across an unexpected challenge though. First off, when I started taking off the plates to the switches and outlets I saw they were all completely painted and stuck to the wall. I had to pry the plates off and you can see from the picture bad it looked. On one outlet, the plate broke in half because the paint was so thick! So I scraped, puttied, sanded, and wiped down to get it ready for painting. Just a wee setback, and it looks much better. We are also going to get new plates to replace the old ones. Gotta make it look good.

This picture is not upside down by the way. That's how they put in the outlet.

After I cut in the with paintbrush.

Our new and improved antique yellow kitchen! Outlet and switch covers coming soon... as soon as I go to Home Depot to get some.

It was hard to get a good picture, but I really think it brightens up the whole room. It is even more fun to cook now in my happy yellow kitchen.

Coming Soon... Missing #3 Repainting the living room.

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