Sunday, August 8, 2010

iphone app-cakes

This was several weeks ago, but I was too proud of myself not to post about it.
I love baking and decorating cakes and so I volunteered to make the cake for my older brothers birthday party. I am working on figuring out how to make healthier cakes and icings, but for this cake I was given strict instructions not to 'healthify' his favorite chocolate buttermilk cake recipe. haha I guess sometimes you just don't mess with a good thing.
He really likes video games and my original idea was to try and make an Xbox cake. Chris and I were looking for ideas online and we came across a picture of cupcakes where each one represented an iphone app. We quickly forsook our previous idea and went to work on cupcake logistics.

We picked out the 24 apps that would go on top of each cupcake. Then Chris drew them out to figure out how much fondant to make and how much of each color we needed.
I had never worked with fondant before and it was a challenge to keep it from sticking to the counter when I rolled it out. But after I learned to keep the counter heavily coated with powdered sugar it worked better. I cut out circles of each color, placed them in a ziploc between squares of parchment to keep them from sticking, and chilled them in the fridge to make cutting easier.
We got out sharp knives and cutting boards and went to work.
It was incredibly rewarding to see each one finished and look so much like the actual app on an iphone. After they were all done we stuck the finished pieces to the frosted cupcakes with water. Chris and I had a great time working on this together. I feel like we both worked out of our strengths and collaboratively we came up with an app-cake masterpiece! Boo yah.

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