Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Come and walk with me...

I am sorry to all of you readers for my lack of posting. I went on vacation (not a good excuse) and haven't felt very inspired lately (an even worse excuse). But I am making a new goal of writing in my blog at least three times a week. I mean, who even wants to read a blog where there is nothing new to read? I sure don't. So come and check back often and I will have new recipes and pictures and exploits for you to read about.

I have a major advantage where I live. I can walk to the library. It is only 3/4 of a mile from my front door. I love going to the library and searching through aisles of books in pursuit of unexpected treasures. Reading nourishes me, and what I love most about a good book is it's ability to transport you to another world. I also enjoy learning and welcome the how-to books that help me grow in my interests find out things I never knew before.

The weather was beautiful and since I had books I needed to return anyway. I set out with my camera, water bottle, and backpack full of books. Do you want to come and walk with me?

Our Humble Home

A few doors down from where we live is the Amish Country Store. They sell spices, dry goods, meat, sandwiches, ice-cream, candy, amish butter and cheese, some vegetables and bonnets :). Walking through the doors always brings a smile to my face.

Every small town has to have their local food joint. Ours is the tiny town restaurant.

We also have the Leopard Cafe. In honor of our school mascot, the Banks County Leopards.

Almost there...

My second favorite place in Homer. The first being my home of course. What a treasure trove of adventure and learning. After perusing the shelves I chose 4 books. Yeah yeah. I always bring home more that I can read in two weeks. But one can hope right? I checked out a book on gardening, one about indoor container plants, 'Jane Eyre', and 'The UNHealthy Truth -How our food is making us sick and what we can do about it'.

I am most interested in the last one I mentioned. I am trying to learn as much as I can about how our food is processed, where it comes from, and how it is affecting our society. The more I know the more power I have to affect change. Even if it starts here in my home with what I choose to eat and how I choose to live.

Back at home. This is the courtyard behind the house. As the weather cools down we want to take out a couple of trees, prune back the hydrangea, and plant some fall vegetables to the left between the fence and the trees.

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