Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Family Room Makeover

So I have posted pictures and told you about my work in the bathroom and kitchen. Chris and I worked together on this next project. Despite some early misgivings about the paint color, I feel everything came together beautifully and it is now a place that feels inviting and relaxing.

In true redesign style I will post before and after pictures so you can get the full effect.

The crazy thing is that there are four more totes of books in the office. Despite our relatively short time being alive; it seems we have amassed quite the collection of books.

Very uninspiring if you ask me. It looks cluttered too. Eck. I strongly dislike clutter.

Our beautiful new bookshelves that Chris diligently put together while I was on family vacation. What a wonderful man that I married. We have so many books that each shelf has two rows of books. Good thing for deep shelves.

The left side of the room. I love that everything has a place.

I feel an inspiring piece of art would look great over the fireplace. However, I don't think my husband would appreciate me removing the television. Oh well.

I don't like the shades with our new color scheme. So, I am going to try and find white paper, the kind they put on chinese lanterns, to replace the existing lamp shades. I am also looking for ideas on what to put over the couches to fill up some of that empty wall space. What do you think? Any ideas?

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