Friday, January 14, 2011

Sugar-Free Dried Cranberries

I have had a bag of cranberries sitting in the freezer for a few months now. I bought them because they were featured in a big thanksgiving display in my local grocery store. You know I couldn't resist, thinking of many tasty and seasonal possibilities. But after I brought them home, inspiration never quite struck, and they stayed tucked away in my freezer.

This morning I was thinking about how much I love craisins, but I don't like how they are loaded with sugar. It got me to wondering if I could make them myself. 

I figured why not? I really don't have anything to lose. Consequently, I dumped my cranberries onto a toaster pan and added 1 Tablespoon of coconut oil. I turned my toaster oven to 300F and baked the cranberries for about 2 hours. Between the first half hour to hour they started popping. I guess that is normal so don't be alarmed. As far as I can tell nothing exploded onto the toaster. 

Here is a picture of the finished product. They turned out great, have a wonderful tart flavor, and great chewy texture. Just like they are supposed to taste like. A few cranberries got crispy, so keep a careful eye on them during the last little bit of baking so they don't burn. I don't think they need any sugar and I look forward to using them in pancakes, muffins, cookies, etc... I know these will pair great with my Coconut Dark Chocolate. Because they are not completely dried I would recommend storing them in the fridge or freezer to avoid any potential mold problems. 

Two heaping cups of cranberries produced one cup of 'craisins'.

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  1. Yay! Thank you--this is just what I was looking for!


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