Saturday, January 15, 2011

DIY Select-A-Size

A part of this blog is about working towards a more environmentally responsible lifestyle. My contributions are small, but I like to think that they do make a difference. I don't keep disposable plates, ziplocs, or silverware in my house, I wash my hair with baking soda (more on that later), I compost, I clean with biodegradable non-toxic cleaners, etc. I am always looking for new ideas of things that I can implement in my life right now without needing to get a new grey water system or solar panels installed. Though, those would be pretty stinkin' cool. I am all for the self-sustainable lifestyle.

Today our topic is paper towels. Have you noticed how the Select-A-Size paper towels are more expensive? Many people justify it's expense by reasoning that the paper towels will last longer when you use smaller pieces. I agree, and it was a very smart marketing move. I definitely feel wasteful when I have to use a whole paper towel to soak up the extra grease from my husband's two pieces of bacon. Or, when some egg drips on the floor and I don't want to get my washcloth dirty. Nothing worse than having to throw away a barely used piece. 

My solution is to jump on the cheapest paper towel bargain you can find, and make your own select a size by cutting it in half. All you need for this project is a sharp knife. I would recommend that you use a flat blade knife even though it takes a bit of effort to get through all those layers. I found that when I tried to use a serrated knife the paper I was cutting disintegrated and make a huge mess. It also looked quite dastardly. 

This technique works like a charm, and your paper towels will last at least twice as long. 

I realize that even though I am using my paper towels more wisely, they are still bleached and not the ideal solution. One of my future goals is to phase out paper towels completely after we use up our current stash. I am looking at getting a few natural flour sack towels as a replacement. Anybody know of a good source? Can I get them locally anywhere?

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