Saturday, July 20, 2013

Garden Update July 20

This garden update is long overdue. I haven't been out to the garden much lately because I can't walk outside without being attacked by swarms of mosquitos! This afternoon however was breezy and sunny  so I weeded in the garden, harvested a few things and took some pictures!!

My cucumber plants look very wilted in this picture, but that is just because of the afternoon sun. The two plants are producing very well. 

Okra started from seed on the left, stevia that overwintered on the right. I have loved using homegrown stevia to sweeten my morning herbal infusions. 

All my tomato plants have taken off. However, there is a major shortage of sun where I planted the tomatoes, so most of it is greenery. I have counted about 10 tomatoes on all 8 plants. There are only a few, but I am know they will be delicious!

Counting down the days until these beauties ripen.

My 4 tomatillo plants have been producing much better. I have already harvested 8 tomatillos and many more are growing. I am about ready to make a batch of Salsa Verde :)!

My borage was doing so well. I wasn't able to take pictures until after all my plants were attacked by squash bugs. I pulled out the remnants of each plant when I weeded this afternoon. This is why I can't plant zucchini or squash on this property.

My bed on the right is filled with lettuce that has bolted, chives, greens, and herbs. I am letting all my lettuces go to seed in the hopes that I will have lots of volunteers this fall. 

Harvest from last week. Cucumbers, chives, and greens.

Harvest from today. Cucumbers, okra, tomatillos, lettuce, and 1 beet.

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