Thursday, June 21, 2012

Garden Update 2012

Hey guys! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. We certainly are :). I wanted to post some pictures and show you my garden. Things are going really well and I am already harvesting jalapenos, basil, and cucumbers!

Here are my cucumbers. I planted two cucumber plants and as of yesterday this is how much they have grown. It is amazing to me. I have harvested 3 cucumbers so far and I see several more on the vine that will be ready to pick soon!

Three basil plants on the left, and my stevia plant on the right. 

The first cherry tomatoes are starting to turn red. I am SO excited to eat my first tomato of the season :). Shouldn't be too long...

My jalapeno plant is still small, at only a foot and a half high, but it has lots of peppers on it to make up for its small stature. 

My three cherry tomato plants that currently look like a forest despite my best pruning efforts!

Poblano pepper plant with a few peppers this size. 

This is one of two roma tomato plants I planted. This one has tons of little tomatoes on it. I am impressed by how well it is doing with how little direct sun they get during the day. 

Here are a few romas that are almost ready. YAY!

These will be striped tomatoes. 

Here is a picture of the whole garden. In total, I have ten tomato, two pepper, 3 basil, 1 stevia, and 2 cucumber plants. I still kept in small this year. But so far everything has been thriving. Which makes for one happy gardener!

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