Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dandelion Green Chicken Broth

I recently read that dandelion greens are very nutritious. As luck would have it, we have lots of them in our yard. What else was I to do but harvest some and see what they tasted like? 

Dandelion greens are a wonderful tonic. They support digestion, reduce swelling and inflammation, and treat viruses. This sunflower relative boasts potent medicinal properties with laxative and diuretic properties. Sounds too good to be true from a weed in your front yard, right? 

Like I said we have lots in our yard and I happily harvested a big bunch of them, and planned to use them in chicken stock.

 I simply cleaned off the greens and placed them in a crockpot with chicken bones from 4 bone in chicken breasts, 2 carrots, 3 ribs of celery, and spices. Then I filled the crockpot to the top with filtered water. 

It cooked for a day and produced a beautiful and flavorful chicken broth. I ended up drinking most of it by itself, and it was extremely delicious. Hooray for free nutritious weeds :). 

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  1. Hi Noelle! I found your blog!:) this looks exciting. I like the idea of using dandelions, and this broth looks pretty delish so i think I will have to try it. (No one puts a price on dandelions:)
    Cool blog and I hope you & hubby are doing well!


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