Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Plants Make Me Smile

Great things are happening in the garden. All my plants have started flowering and I am giddy with excitement. 

These are my cherry tomato plants that are full of flower blossoms.

A few okra on each plant are starting to grow. By the way, I didn't know this was how okra grew. How cool!

The brandywine tomato plants are shooting up and we finally got cages around this morning to keep them supported. 

For the last couple of weeks this "weed" has been growing in the bed I am going to use for the pepper plants. I have been lazy and have just been letting it grow until I need to transplant the peppers. One of our friends came over for breakfast this morning, and I was showing her the garden. I pointed to the chard, the tomatoes, the okra, and showed her the huge weed that I needed to deal with. In shock she said, "that's not a weed, that is a squash plant". I guess one of the squash seeds from the compost in the garden bed germinated and we now have a mystery squash plant in our garden. I was looking online at pictures of different squash plants and they all look the same to me.

Realizing that it is actually a plant I want to keep in my bed, I started watering it today. Isn't it beautiful with the curling tendrils and unfurling leaves?! If any of you are good at identifying plants, let me know if you know what this is. I am rooting for it to be spaghetti squash.  

 Did you know this is what green onions look like when they flower? Don't worry, I didn't either. You see, I have been letting a green onion, that I bought at a farmers market two weeks ago, grow on my bakers rack. I know I should eat it, and not let it go to waste. But it is so cool how it has kept growing toward the light in the kitchen window and started flowering. Uh, I am such a romantic :).

Vegetables can be so beautiful!

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